Flying stars (飞星) are described in Feng Shui as a body of energy (Qi) moving into different sectors of our living environment, know the location of these auspicious stars and how to balance the energy to improve your luck to enjoy good health, wealth and harmony (福,禄,寿)

North-West Sector 

Star 6

Speculative Wealth Star

Windfall & Speculative Luck

North Sector

Star 1

Career Wealth Star

Opportunities & Recognition Luck

North-East Sector

Star 8

Wealth Prospects, Financial Gains & Windfalls Star


West Sector

Star 7

Violent & Robbery Star

Brings unexpected losses


5 Yellow

Total Loss, Misfortune & Accidents

East Sector

Star 3

Quarrelsome Star

Arguments, Gossip, Back stabbing & legal Issues

3 Killings

Brings misunderstanding & disputes

South-West Sector

Star 2

Illness Star

Health Issues


South Sector

Star 9

Star 9 is a multiplier-increases wealth and brings happy events.

South-East Sector

Star 4

Romance & Scholastic Luck

Grand Duke of Jupiter

Obstacles can be expected.