Crystals Agate, Amethyst, Peridot, Tiger Eye, Carnelian, Angelite Crystals

We live in a vibrational world. Everything and everyone has a vibrational frequency. When we are happy we vibrate at a higher frequency, when we are sad we vibrate at a lower, denser level. Have you ever felt more comfortable and welcome with some people or places than others? Have you ever been to a place or been with people you took an instant dislike to? That was you reacting at your gut level, at your most basic atomic/vibrational level. Is it any wonder than that we instinctively find ourselves gravitating towards happy people, beautiful places or things? Because somehow when we surround ourselves or associate with these people, places or things, their vibration rub off on us – they energize usthey charge up the atmosphere.

Ah, but we can’t always be around happy people or beautiful places. There is a way however, of raising our own vibrational frequencies,or even deflecting depressing energies, and that is by using natures own energizing batteries -CRYSTALS. Crystals come with a wealth of properties and frequencies. Touch a crystal and you can feel the vibration. Touch several crystals and you will be able to feel the different levels of vibrations. After awhile you will instinctively come to the crystal best suited to your needs…

Now go and  See, Touch and Feel some crystals that catch your eye and get them for yourself. They will definitely energize you and charge up your surrounding/environment.