Super 7 Ring

Super Seven Crystal

Super Seven Crystal  is also known as Sacred Seven and Melody’s Stone. It is found in Brazil and United States. It is rare and apparently mined out. But new mines are opening up.

This stone carrys the spiritual and protective qualities of Amethyst, the grounding ability of  Smoky Quartz,  the energy-amplifying properties of  Quartz, with Rutile, Goethite, Lepidocrosite and Cacoxenite . Rutile  brings strength, love, ease in making transitions, and stablise relationships of all kinds; Rutile also fine tunes intuition. Goethite  facilities clairaudience and metphysical abilities and communication. Lepidocrosite deepens intuition, promotes grounding, dissolves confusion and overcome negative thoughts and replacing them with unconditional love. Cacoxenite brings spiritual awareness; it also helps to overcome  fear and clear stress. Super7 Pendant

The color of  Super 7  is deep purple, orange, red and brown. It is transparent  to opaque with Rutiles in different colors. The Rutiles are usually gray, black, brown and purple. Spiritually, this  high vibrating stone is a spiritual powerhouse. Many pieces of Super 7 carry a spiritual being within  them that links to the highest sources of guidance and inspiration so one need not go anywhere to obtain guidance.  Meditating with it is a joy. Emotionally, it is a very soothing and nurturing stone .

This crystal activates wisdom and strengthens intuition; assist in finding solutions; and provide the inner strength to cope with different situations.

Super 7 purifies, balances and energizes all the chakras and the auric bodies, aligning them to the highest spiritual vibrations.

It is a powerful stone for healing physcial, intellectual and spiritual dis-ease. It opens all the spiritual gifts and enhances metaphysical working of all kinds.

Super 7 is very good for harmonizing the body, stimulating the body’s natural healing system and healing cellular memory. Supports the  immune system, skin and bone.

Super7 BraceletSuper 7 supports and heightens the vibration of any other crystals within its vicinity.

Lastly, it does not require any cleansing or re-energizing.

This is a wonderful and desirable crystal to have. It will surely enhance your well-being.