Ancient Techniques For The New Age


 YEAR 2010

Flying stars (飞星) are described in Feng Shui as a body of energy (Qi) moving into different sectors of our living environment, know the location of these auspicious stars and how to balance the energy to improve your luck to enjoy good health, wealth and harmony (福,禄,寿).

(Courtesy of New Age FSG)

North West Sector

Star 9

Multiplying Star

This multiplying energy increases wealth and it also brings about happy events. Place an Amethyst cluster or 9 mini Clear Quartz Sphere to activate mentor luck for the bread winner of the house.   


North Sector

Star 4

Scholastic & Romance Star

Activate this sector with a Water feature for literary pursuit. And use a pair of Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks for networking, harmony and romance

North East Sector

Star 2

Illness star

Grand Duke of Jupiter

Health is wealth. Since this inauspicious star brings  about illness and depression place a 5 Ancient Coin Obsidian  Hulu  for health, and place a pair of Jade Pixiu for the Grand Duke of Jupiter affliction . 


West Sector

Star 1

Career Wealth Star

This auspicious energy enhances opportunity in business dealings and also attracts recognition  luck.  Hang a Jade Mystic Knot  or use a Citrine Boat for successful and smooth sail.



Star 8

Financial Abundance Star

An extremely auspicious sector for the year to harness wealth and success. Place a fossilized Ammonite or a Clear Quartz Sphere or Pointer here to generate and balance good health and wealth luck for you and your family members.


East Sector

Star 6

Speculative Wealth Star

Create a Wealth Bowl with Peridot or Citrine Crystal  to activate windfall & prosperity. Than Place 3 Genuine Ancient Coins in the bowl for potency. 


South West Sector

Star 5

Total Loss Star

This is the most inauspicious star of the year. It brings about bad luck, misfortune and accidents. Hang a string of 6 Ancient Coins or place an Iron Pyrite Cluster  here to suppress this bad energy.


South Sector

Star 3

Quarrelsome Star

This star invites arguments, gossip, backstabbing and fuels legal suits. Place 9 Peacock Feathers and keep this area lighted with bright lights. Also use a Rose Quartz Sphere in this sector to calm this bad energy down.


South East Sector

Star 7

Robbery Star

This unfortunate star brings about unexpected loss of wealth and events. Place a pair of Blue Sodalite Rhino or a Water Feature here to suppress its negative effects.