Tigers Eye

TIGER’S EYE – yellow crystal with a silky luster and golden brown or honey, red, blue color, striped parallel stalked quartz aggregate with deposits of fine fibroid brown Hematite. Its place of origin  is Burma, India, South Africa, USA and west Australia. It is a delicate stone and must not come into contact with acids.

Tiger’s Eye is a stone of protection. It is traditionally carried as an amulet against ill wishes and curses. Carry one or have one near you, when you are facing a potential verbal, mental or psychic attack by someone in a position or power or who has emotional influence over you. The golden light will create an aura of protection around you, so all will turn back from attempting harm.

Tiger’s Eye gives you warmth and security. It shows you the correct use of power, brings out integrity. It  gives you a positive attitude,  assist you to recognize your own talents and abilities. It encourages self worth and confidence. Tiger’s Eye intensifies your thoughts and strengthen your concentration.  Thus  helping  you to use your resources to accomplish your goads.

It is said to enhance your  personal energy/power, release blocked creativity, and bring good luck, prosperity, wealth and success. This stone is very good for people trying to solve their financial problems. It is a natural luck and money bringer.Tigers Eye Bracelet

Tiger’s Eye is said to be able to keep your shopaholic habits in check as it injects a reality in your finances. It is a valuable stone for bankers, estate agents,  insurance agents and business owners as it assist in assessing the reliability of would-be clients and balances money generating skills with what will actually work.

Tiger’s Eye slows down a hyped-up system and gently energize a weak or exhausted body. It  can treat the eyes and aids night vision. It heals the throat and respiratory organs.  It aids digestion, eases ulcers, bruises and stomach and gall-bladder problems. Tiger’s Eye also warms rheumatic joints and bones. It can also assist in repairing broken bones. It is also believed to strengthen the alignment of the spinal column. It calms the nerves, thus helpful for people experiencing stress.

To sum it up, Tiger’s Eye has lucky, protective and healing energies.